HAZWOPER 8 HOUR COURSE (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response): An Interactive one-day Workshop

By: Gregory Pattison, Senior Vice President, GLP Systems
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Course Description:

As a Refresher course this HAZWOPER 8 Hour training includes technical training to attendees who deal with Hazardous materials and waste in the workplace. Activities include site awareness, investigation, characterization and remediation operations on a construction site.

This course meets the OSHA and EPA requirements for refresher training with workers dealing with demolition, waste clean-ups and removal of hazardous materials. The training is geared to 29 CFR 1910.120, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. Also includes OSHA Hazcom Standard that requires;

  • Evaluate hazards of produced or imported chemicals
  • Inform hazards to employees
  • Conduct Training
  • Container labeling
  • Hazardous substance survey forms
  • Safety Data Sheets (formerly MSDS)
  • “Employee Right to Know”

This course introduces management, containment and incident control of hazardous materials within the construction workplace. Topics include analysis and application of the Incident Command System from the discovery of a hazardous substance release to decontamination and termination procedures. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of hazardous materials workers. This course provides OSHA HAZWOPER refresher certification at the awareness level.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this course, the attendee will be able to:

  • Select and use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for hazardous materials incidents.
  • Apply basic hazard and risk assessment techniques.
  • Understand basic hazardous materials terms and labeling conventions.
  • Know how to read and understand an SDS
  • Know how to evaluate risk
  • Be able to use the ERG
  • Formulate an emergency response plan.
  • Identify unknown materials by using survey instruments.
  • Implement an appropriate incident command system.
  • Understand chemical, radiological and toxicological terminology and behavior.
  • Implement decontamination procedures during hazardous waste operations.
  • Respond to small chemical spills.
  • How to communicate to First Responders of a HAZMAT incident.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

29 CFR §1910.120(e)(2) requires that health and safety training ensure that employees are thoroughly familiar with the following information:

  1. Names of personnel and alternates responsible for site safety and health;
  2. Safety, health, and other hazards present onsite;
  3. Use of personal protective equipment;
  4. Work practices by which the employee can minimize risks from hazards;
  5. Safe use of engineering controls and equipment on the site;
  6. Medical surveillance techniques, and recognition of symptoms and signs that might indicate overexposure to hazards;
  7. An emergency response plan meeting the requirements for safe and effective responses to emergencies, including all necessary equipment;
  8. Confined space entry procedures;
  9. A spill containment program; and
  10. Decontamination procedures
  11. First Responder contacts

Our training will cover the following:

  • Proper use of field equipment; and
  • Employee rights and responsibilities.
  • First Aid.

Who will Benefit:

This seminar is applicable to a broad spectrum of workers and professions: science, technology, engineering, medicine, toxicology, law, psychology, organizational management, loss prevention, QA/QC, construction, waste management, etc. Specifically, any individual who is likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release, as well as general employees with minimal contact and exposure on hazardous waste site.

  1. Workers involved in mandatory or voluntary clean-up operations
  2. Workers involved in corrective actions involving clean-up operations
  3. Workers involved in operations involving hazardous waste
  4. Workers involved in emergency response operations
  5. Hospital First Responders
  6. Utility Workers who perform duties at a hazardous waste site
  7. On-Site Supervisors

Course Outline

Registration Process: 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Session Start Time: 9:00 AM

HAZWOPER 8 Hour Agenda

  1. Lesson 1 - Regulations Overview
    1. Employee Rights and Responsibilities.
    2. Provisions of 29 CFR 1910.120.
    3. CFR Exercise OSHA and EPA Standards
    4. OSHA and EPA Standards Exercise.
    5. Safety and Health Program
    6. Health and Safety Plan (HASP)
    7. Training Requirements
  2. Lesson 2 - Site Characterization
    1. Purpose and Function
    2. Three Phases in Site Characterization
  3. Lesson 3 - Hazard Recognition
    1. Understand the Terms
    2. Hazard Recognition
    3. Hazards at a Waste Site
  4. Lesson 4 – Toxicology
    1. Human Response to Toxic Chemicals
    2. Health Hazards
    3. Routes of Entry
    4. Acute and Chronic Response
  5. Lesson 5 - Chemical Awareness
    1. Acid and Base.
    2. Acid and Base p2.
    3. Basic Treatment for Exposure.
    4. SDS Exercise.
  1. Lesson 6 - Respiratory Protection
    1. Respirator Program
    2. Respirators
    3. Air-Purifying Masks
  2. Lesson 7 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    1. Effects Wearing PPE
    2. PPE Program Terms
    3. Limitations of PPE
    4. PPE Protection Against Toxins
    5. PPE Levels
  3. Lesson 8 – Decontamination
    1. Standard Operating Procedures
    2. Decontamination Methods
    3. Decontamination Procedures
    4. PPE Rule for Decontamination
  4. Lesson 9 - Medical Surveillance
    1. Medical Surveillance Program
    2. Workers' Rights
    3. OSHA Standard
  5. Lesson 10 - Emergency Procedures
    1. Emergency Response Plan

Meet Your Instructor

Gregory Pattison
Senior Vice President, GLP Systems

Greg Pattison is a Vice President and Senior Trainer and OSHA CFR 29 1910—General Industry and 1926--Construction. Mr. Pattison was a trainer for Fred Pryor and offered general safety trainings throughout the U.S. His entertaining and informative style offer audiences knowledge that builds critical concepts and understanding to comply with the safe workplace.

He has taught over 1,000’s of workers with organizations such as AGC, Department of Energy, FBI, TVA, Exxon, Hess, Hayward Baker, Army Corp of Engineers, Atlanta Demolition, AMEC and Tetra Tech to name just a few.

Audiences like the hands-on exercises that reinforce learning and Greg always provides materials after each training program that attendees can take back and use immediately.

Mr. Pattison also comes with a lot of experience training large numbers of police officers, firefighters, emergency management, search and rescue, immigration officials and other security personnel in Middle East. He has reviewed Occupational and Health standards based on U.S. OSHA and helped translate the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) into Arabic.

He has certifications in CFP, Radiation Safety Officer, DOT Hazardous Materials, IATA, HAZWOPER, Fall Protection, RCRA, General Safety, and asbestos abatement.

Areas of deep knowledge include; Demolition, Power Transmission and Distribution, Toxic and Hazardous Substances, Process Safety Management, Army Corp of Engineers Site Safety and Health Officer, Globally Harmonized Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, Leadership, Change Management and workplace safety.

He also acts a Subject Matter Expert for the largest online driving website, Pro-tread and is an SME for Applied Simulations Technology (AST) Hazmat Helper.

Mr. Pattison graduated from Illinois State University with a B.S. and M. S. degrees. He is a former Science school teacher and has developed trainings to be delivered via the Internet, Webinar and On-site. Mr. Pattison reads technical interpretations, best practices and lessons learned to give the attendee at high level of data that translates into a safer workplace.

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