William H. Beecken

William H. Beecken

Director of Fraud Services

William H. Beecken, CPA, CFE, MBA, is director of Fraud Services with Assurance Forensic Accounting in Atlanta, Georgia, and former federal supervisory auditor and investigator. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of the South and a Master of Business Administration degree from Brenau University. Mr. Beecken works as a consultant for law firms, insurance companies, and governmental and law enforcement agencies. He has worked over 400 cases and testified in over 25 cases in federal and state courts. While with ATF, FDIC, and SEC, Mr. Beecken investigated arson-for-profit, bank malfeasance, racketeering, contract fraud, securities–check kiting, and Ponzi schemes. Over 100 of the arson-for-profit and business interruption cases involved the analysis of financial statements.

Mr. Beecken also teaches fraud examination using two cases with documents of his design. His students have interned/currently intern with the Georgia Tech Department of Internal Auditing, Special Review Unit and the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office. In addition, Mr. Beecken has recently assisted the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office on a securities fraud and elder fraud/money laundering cases, both of which resulted in indictments and guilty pleas.

He has taught fraud-related subjects for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Community Bankers Association of Georgia, and Georgia Tech Department of Internal Auditing and written three articles for professional magazines.

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