Tom Craig

Kerri Crawford

Consultant, LTD Management Inc.

Tom Craig, a real-world supply chain and logistics consultant and professional provides cutting-edge supply chain management consulting with LTD Management. He develops solutions that work for clients– manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, global, domestic, importers, and exporters.

He has written over 70 articles on supply chain management and logistics. In addition, he has spoken at conferences worldwide, including England, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Panama and Nigeria–and conducted a master class program in supply chain management in China for Chinese companies. He is on the advisory board of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society in Singapore.

He also provides consulting for 3PLs and other logistics service providers. Develop and execute strategy, create value proposition/unique selling proposition, positioning, and service / market segmentation that improve customer retentions, increase margins, and grow the business.

Practical supply chain experience with major corporations, including General Electric, Abbott Laboratories and 3M.

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