Javier Kuong

Javier Kuong

President and Principal Consultant, Management Advisory Services & Publications (MASP)

Javier F. K., is the President and Principal Consultant of Management Advisory Services & Publications (MASP), an organization in the US that for 30 years has been devoted solely to consulting, training, publications, research and development. Prior to MASP, Javier was a Managing Associate at Arthur Young (now Ernst & Young), CIO at Cabot Corporation Worldwide, and Corporate Planner and Economic Evaluation Analyst and Information Systems Manager at Atlas Chemical Industries (now Astra-Zeneca).

His experience includes a broad array of activities in industrial operations, corporate planning and economic analysis,IT management and IT auditing and internal control, corporate and IT governance and contingency planning as well as business continuity.

As a Principal Consultant and Lecturer for MASP, Javier has provided advisory services globally to prominent organizations in banking, insurance, industry and government. Additionally, he has organized or restructured Internal Audit and Control, Information Technology Audit, Security and Quality Assurance functions for dozens of enterprises. Javier has also conducted management reviews of IT departments, advanced systems, communication networks, and assisted in developing contingency and business resumption plans. He has developed an audited corporate policies, IT management and performance standards for many organizations and IT departments.

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