Craig Spielmann


CEO & Founder of RiskTao, LLC

Craig Spielmann is CEO and founder of RiskTao, LLC, which specializes in risk training and advisory services. He has over 30 years of operational risk management, business development, and technology and audit experience gained from working with the world’s top financial institutions (RBS, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, Dean Witter, and Merrill Lynch).

Prior to this, Mr. Spielmann was RBS’s global head of operational risk systems and analytics. He was responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight of all RBS operational risk systems and headed up their ORM risk data aggregation initiative. In addition, Mr. Spielmann and his team developed a strong analytical engine (Aggregated Risk Intelligence Dashboard) and automated committee decks and critical reports. He also headed RBS’s operational risk management for North and South America, where he was responsible for driving compliance for the ORM Federal Reserve’s Cease & Desist Order, and 2nd line challenge over the divisions, and for managing regulatory relationships.

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