Shelly Maifarth

Shelly Maifarth

Principal, FDA Compliance Group LLC

Ms. Maifarth began her career with FDA as an investigator and microbiologist in Dallas and Denver Districts from 1972 to 1984, then served as an FDA Compliance Officer in Denver’s District Office for more than 22 years. As a compliance officer, she has significant experience in the medical device, dietary supplement, food, and pharmaceutical areas. She has conducted training, reviewed quality systems and provided guidance on quality, labeling and compliance issues. Ms. Maifarth provided technical assistance and guidance to investigators and analysts within Denver District, and to state, local, and other federal agencies, including Customs (CBP), EPA, and CDC.

As the senior Compliance Officer in the Denver District Office, Ms. Maifarth received the most complex cases to determine if a company was in compliance with FDA laws, regulations and current policy. These cases were in the areas of medical device cGMPS/labeling/510(k)/PMA, dietary supplement labeling, pharmaceutical GMPS/labeling/new drug, seafood and juice HACCP, and food sanitation and labeling. She successfully completed numerous regulatory actions to bring firms and products into compliance. These actions included Warning Letters, Regulatory Letters, Seizures, Injunctions, Prosecutions, Inspection Warrants, License Suspensions and License Revocations. She provided guidance to assist these companies to come into compliance after these FDA actions.

Ms. Maifarth served as a member of the Expert Panel for National Compliance Officers Law Course, a member of Cadre and Trainer for National Compliance Law Clerk Course, and has provided training for Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS) on current FDA compliance policies on dietary supplements, drugs and medical devices.

Since beginning her career as a consultant, she has worked extensively with medical device and dietary supplement industries to assist them in achieving compliance with the requirements of FDA laws and regulations. She has coordinated meetings and successfully interacted with FDA on behalf of client firms at the Denver District, FDA Headquarters, and other district offices. She effectively coordinates communication with FDA post-audit, writes 483 responses on behalf of client firms to the FDA, and coordinates any subsequent follow-up.

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